gunmanRecently we are seeing and hearing in the media more and more examples of natural and man made disasters happening around the World. You can stick your head in the sand and ignore it all or if you want to be one of the survivors you need to be prepared and plan in advance.

 You might think it entails just buying a number of products from a list storing them in readiness and you will be prepared. Well think again this will not save you or your families lives.

 Emergency Preparedness entails, having the correct knowledge, being physically and mentally prepared as well as having the correct equipment needed to survive any situation.

 So by using Survival Equipment Supplies you will  not only have a resource to find the best products to survive but also to learn the relevant knowledge required as well.

 This article is a basic overview of some of the likely scenarios that could happen as well as pointing the way to how you can be physically and mentally prepared to lead the way in the event of an emergency.

 Once you have read this overview you can navigate around the website to find more specific information as well as read product reviews on essential survival equipment that you may need.

 Let’s start off with the potential emergency situations that we may encounter;


tornado Natural Disasters

 The most likely emergency situation that you will find yourself in is one caused by a natural disaster of some description;





 These sort of disasters are the easiest to prepare for, it is likely that they have occurred before in the area you are living in and you or others living nearby have already experienced them in some form. With the information you know and advice from locals who have lived in the area for a long time, you will know what to expect and can gear your emergency preparation accordingly.


 Man Made Accidental Disasters

 These sort of accidental disasters are rare and can be caused by mechanical failure, human error or poor structural design. One of the biggest examples of this would be the The Chernobyl disaster in the Ukraine when a nuclear reactor exploded. The likelihood of a disaster like this is slim but with our constant reliance on computers to run our lives the chance of some sort of mechanical failure is a more likely scenario now than ever before.





Large Scale Terrorism

 Less than a decade ago the idea of large scale terrorism in the USA would have been dismissed as the plot for a thriller novel but now from repeated attacks in our country we know that it is a all too real and shocking reality. We are at war with Radical Islam, whatever our leaders want us to believe, we need to be prepared and battle ready.


 Nuclear War

 Though it is not the major threat that it was up until the collapse of Russian communism in the 1980′s there are still many unstable nations worldwide with the capability of launching a nuclear attack, it only takes one rogue nation to cause a chain of events that could cause a global nuclear war.


collapseEconomic Collapse

 In 2008 we saw a financial meltdown that though it didn’t cause a economic collapse certainly warned us that it could happen in the future. With our Global Economy so closely linked it would only take one big economy such as China to crash and every other country would follow like dominoes. Your hard earned cash would then be worth nothing being prepared could mean the difference between you lining up in the street at a soup kitchen or living in relative comfort in a secure environment. Having the knowledge how to protect and defend yourself and your family from looters and opportunists will be critical in this sort of emergency.




Virus Attack

 Over the centuries there have been many viral outbreaks that have killed millions, from the black plague to the more recent 1918 flu pandemic that killed over seventy five million people around the world. With the huge population explosion and the amount of people crossing borders with ease due to the advancements in travel it wouldn’t be hard for a deadly virus to spread in no time…this is when you and your family need to be prepared to get out of dodge!!!


So now we have covered the potential scenarios let’s get more personal and discuss what attributes you need to help you survive.



 There are literally hundreds of books available teaching you how to survive any disaster you might imagine as well as on-line advice on sites such as Survival Equipment Supplies and most of them are packed with great information. But remember this is just theoretical information, you need to actually rehearse the situations, try cutting power and water for a few days and experiencing what it is like, go to self defense classes and learn how to defend yourself, go out in the wild and use a compass.

 This ties in with the next attribute you will need and this is


Mental Preparedness

 You will need to be a leader to make sure you and your family and people around you survive. Being confident in your abilities and being a positive role model will give you the edge. If you have the practical knowledge and have rehearsed potential disaster situations then you won’t be running around like a headless chicken when the day comes.


Be Physically Prepared

 Being reasonably fit is a must if you are going to survive an emergency, you may need to travel on foot or bicycle a long distance in some disaster situations so make that you exercise walking daily. If you have to evacuate during a crisis situation you will need to carry yours and maybe members of your families essential supplies, you need to have the strength to carry a heavy back pack.



 We have just skimmed the surface of emergency preparation in this article, so make sure you take a look around this site to gain more knowledge and understanding on how to survive a crisis. Make sure you bookmark us as we are constantly updating this site with the latest information and products reviews of the best equipment available today.